Joy Cowley

Dear Readers,

My name is Joy Cowley and I am very excited to be the Ambassador of The Great Kiwi Bookathon.

Let me tell you why reading books has been so important in my life.

Opening a book, is like travelling to a new country. I meet new people in that book, see different environments, learn new skills and have new adventures.

Sometimes the new adventure was a bit scary but that was okay. I was safe in my chair or sprawled on the couch.

Reading books helped me to learn new words. It also showed me how to put sentences together.

It was reading that helped me to become a writer.

Think of the adventures you can have when you read books. Will you climb a mountain? Raise a wild horse? Be a detective? Win the Grand Prix?

I am excited for you!

With love from your old friend,

Joy Cowley