Hi my name is William, I am six years old and live in in the countryside. I have a younger sister and we get on pretty well. I am blind in one eye and can see very little in the other.

I recently started school, which I feel happy about. I love meeting new people and so I have made some new friends already. Starting school means I have to get to know the way there and especially work out how to find my way all around the school. When I am working out how to find my way, I use a cane. At school I can leave the cane in my bag because, as I have spent time walking around the entire school grounds, I have created a mental picture of the school and now know where I am all the time.

When I am not at school, I love visiting friends or listening to a good story. I have got a couple of different ways that I can listen to books. One way is getting a talking book from the library on a thing called a Playaway. I just put my headphones on, press a button and off I go. And now I’ve got a smart speaker that sits on the table that I talk to. I just have to say “Alexa, find me The Gruffalo” and it plays it to me. Talking to Alexa, I can choose any other books from the library and get information too, like the weather or the time or even a joke. Pretty good.

I like to listen to all sorts of books like the Gruffalo, Harry Maclary and in particular I like rhyming stories. So that is why I am pretty excited about the Great Kiwi Bookathon.

I am looking forward to taking part in this too and hearing about the books that everyone else reads. Exciting!

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for raising some funds too.

Thanks William


Hi, my name is Noah. I am 10 years old and live with my younger sister Saxton, my mum Loren and my dad Josh. My mum is pretty cool. Well, both mum and dad are pretty special. It's just that mum is good at organising, problem-solving and has got an incredible memory. Lots of things that I know are really helpful in life. And actually, that’s especially for my mum because she can't see very well; in fact, she is what you would call blind.

What does it mean for me? Well, I have to be quite organised at times too. Not so good to leave your lego on the ground or your clothes when you get changed. And sometimes my mum asks me to read something to my younger sister Saxton, but otherwise, I guess it is just normal for me.

Because my mum doesn't drive we take buses a lot, so I am really good at getting around town. Much better than my friends. It’s cool, because I can see that I will be able to go places on my own soon.

What I find pretty annoying sometimes is that people stare at us. Not my friends, they know us well and understand the way we do things. We have a few things at home, like the Alexa device, magnifying glasses and a talking scale. I love that one as we do a lot of baking together.

So all in all, it's quite normal to me. And once you know what to do, it makes perfect sense. It just sometimes people need to spend a bit more time observing before making comments.

I am going to get a few of my friends involved in the Great Kiwi Bookathon too. We have set up an account already and, as a team, we are hoping to raise $400 so that more people like my mum get some fantastic support.