Krisha Naidu

Great Kiwi Bookathon

I'm fundraising for...

The Great Kiwi Bookathon is a first for Blind Low Vision NZ.

Throughout the month of June I will be joining 3000+ Kiwi schoolkids and reading as many books as I possibly can.

I’ll be raising money for those who are blind, deafblind or have low vision so please support me in this.

I've read 525 books

Moa's Ark

by Peter Millett

Remarkable Robots

by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker


by Noah Klocek

My Dog Mouse

by Eva Lindström

The Man Who Loved Boxes

by Stephen Michael King

Blue Flower

by Sonya Hartnett & Gabriel Evans

Lights On Cotton Rock

by David Litchfield

Super buns!

by Diane Kredensor

The Greedy Goat

by Petr Horáčk

The Lost Kitten

by Gecko Press

The Biscuit Maker

by Sue Lawson & Liz Anelli

Time Now to Dream

by Timothy Knapman & Helen Oxenbury

Boo-Boo...Chris P. Is 2!

by Len Lucero & Kristina Tracy

My Best Friend is a Goldfish

by Mark Lee

What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside

by Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks

The Underwater fancy-dress Parade

by Davina Bell

Trains and Boats and Planes

by William Bee

The Painted Ponies

by Alison Lester

One World Many Colours

by Ben Lerwill

Open Up, Please!

by Silvia Borando & Lorenzo Coerici

The Fairytale Hairdresser and Thumbelina

by Abie Longstaff & Lauren Beard

The Great Eggscape!

by Jory John & Pete Oswald

Tomorrow I'll Be Brave

by Jessica Hische

My Dog Bigsy

by Alison Lester

The Story Of Babar

by A.A.Milne

It Will Be Ok

by Lisa Katzenberger


by Lana Wayne Koehler & Gloria G. Adams

A Bike Like Sergio's

by Maribeth Boelts

I Love My Little Storybook

by Anita Jeram

The Magic Hour

by Ian Beck

Once Upon A Cloud

by Claire Keane

Ollie's Treasure

by Lynn Jenkins & Kirrili Lonergan

Sun and Moon have a tea party

by Yumi Heo & Naoko Stoop

I Am The Wind

by Michael Karg

Monkey with a Tool Belt Blast Off!

by Chris Monroe

Loving Hands

by Tony Johnston


by John Lennon

Mr Chicken All Over Australia

by Leigh Hobbs

Captain Jack and the Pirates

by Peter Bently & Helen Oxenbury

Slickety Quick

by Skila Brown

Night Play

by Lizi Boyd

The Wolf The Duck & The Mouse

by Mac Barnett

Henry Turnip

by Chloe Jasmine Harris

Follow Me, Flo!

by Jarvis


by Lucinda Gifford

Meditate With Me

by Mariam Gates

The Mouse and the Octopus

by Lisala Halapua

Old Tom Man of Mystery

by Leigh Hobbs


by Shannon Horsfall

Mrs Blackhat

by Chloë & Mick Inkpen

Zoe and Beans

by Chloë & Mick Inkpen

PomPom gets the grumps

by Sophy Henn

I'm a Girl

by Yasmen Ismail

Wibbly Pig and the Tooky

by Mick Inkpen

Wibbly Pig picks a pet

by Mick Inkpen

Skipper's little friends

by Mick Inkpen

Meet The Oceans

by Caryl Hart

Together We Can!

by Caryl Hart


by Kevin Henkes

The Boat Race and Little Bear's Dragon

by Jane Hissey

The Frog Olympics

by Brian Moses & Amy Husband

Jamal's Journey

by Michael Foreman

Christmas For Greta and Gracie

by Yasmen Ismail

A Royal Lullabyhullaballoo!

by Mick Inkpen

Felix After the Rain

by Dunja Jogan

Moomin and the Oceans Song

by Tove Jansson

How to Find Egyptian Treasure

by Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves

Adelaide's Secret World

by Elise Hurst

The Last Tree

by Emily Haworth-Booth

Supertato Evil Pea Rules

by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Green Lizards VS Red Rectangles

by Steve Antony

Love From Alfie McPoonst The Best Dog Ever

by Dawn McNiff

The Tale of Two Tough Toms

by Mike Howell

Huberta's Big Surprise

by Klay & Mark Lamprell


by Noah Klocek

Loved to Bits

by Teresa Heapy & Katie Cleminson

Peppard Meets Father Christmas

by Neville Astley

Where Bone?

by Kitty Moss

Whitney and Britney Chicken Detectives

by Lucinda Gifford

3,2,1, Here I Come

by Penny Harris & Winnie Zhou

Alfie and the Big Boys

by Shirley Hughes

Alfie Outdoors

by Shirley Hughes

A Hare a Hound & Shy Mousey Brown

by Julia Hubery & Jonathan Bentley

Hollybee Hope wants a Prickly Coat

by Deborah Hinde

Sebastian and the Special Stack of Stories

by Kelly Hibbert

The Cat Book

by Silvia Borando

Snowy the Doganaut

by Diego Albuquerque

The Stingray Sandwich

by June Allen

Jiffy Goes Flying

by Dick Bruna

The Little Glow Worm who Couldn't Turn On His Lights

by June Allen

Pipi Gets Pawed

by Sue Douglas

Frankie and the Flypaper

by Stiaan Viljoen

Splat the Cat and the Big Secret

by Rob Scotton

Whose Home Is This?

by Gillian Candler

Lizzie Goes to the Kennels

by Gorinne Growe

The Cook Islands Crab Race

by June Allen

Ruru to the Rescue

by June Allen

Wiremu And the Cat Ganf

by Emma Frederickson

Hope's First Day

by Jenny Chapman

The Boys in Waka Ama

by Angie Belcher

The Girls in the Kapa Haka

by Angie Belcher

Who Sank the Boat?

by Pamela Allen

My Unicorn Farts Glitter

by Suzanne Barton & Shannon Horsfall

Flowers the Flamingo

by Sally Bates & Sarah-Leigh Wills

A Big Bug

by Paul George

Daisy Goes to the Library

by Lucy Cousins

Baby Shark

by John John Bajet

Smelly Louie

by Catherine Rayner

I am so Strong

by Mario Ramos

I am so Handsome

by Mario Ramos

Kaiana and Teiti

by Diane Percy

Grumpy Duck

by Joyce Dunbar & Petr Horáček

Under the Great Plum Tree

by Sufiya Ahmed & Reza Dalvand

A Crocodile in the Family

by Kitty Black & Daron Parton

Wendel and the Robots

by Chris Riddell

Jean Dreams of Flying

by Dreydon Sobanja

The Girl who was Scared of Everything

by Emma Pascoe

Abigail Knightly

by Latasha Randall & Esther Tattersall

Aroha's Way

by Craig Phillips

Little Truff and the Kererū

by Ann Russell & Ireen Potter

The Messy Book

by Maudie Powell-Tuck & Richard Smythe

Everybody's favorite Book

by Mike Allegra

Merry Christmas Snoopy!

by Charles M. Schulz

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

by Lorna Scobie

Mabel and Me Best of Friends

by Mark Sperring & Sarah Warburton

Love You Always

by Frances Stickley & Migy Blanco

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

by Matt Shanks

Ethan the Incredible

by Jacqui Simpson & Philip Webb

The Adventure Of Beekle The Imaginary Friend

by Dan Santat

The Little Kiwi's Matariki

by Nikki Slade Robinson

Belle & Boo and the Yummy Scrummy Day

by Mandy Sutcliffe

Hark, It's Me, Ruby Lee!

by Lisa Shanahan & Binny


by Jessica Shepherd


by Claire Saxby & Graham Byrne

Uncle Allan's Stinky Leg

by Jennifer Somervell & Margery Fern

A BAA-rilliant Adventure

by Jennifer Somervell

Santas Worst Christmas

by Huia

After The Fall

by Dan Santat

I Love Lemonade

by Mark & Rowan Sommerset


by Gecko Press

Ladder to the Moon

by Maya Soetoro-Ng

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain

by Jayneen Sanders

Omelette Hen

by Janelle Wilkey

That is not a Good Idea

by Mo Willems

Harry and the Dinosaur United

by Ian Whybrow & Adrian Reynolds

Fiona's Little Lie

by Rosemary Wells

Knuffle Bunny

by Mo Willems

Tiny Owl on the Ramshackle Farm

by Lotte Wotherspoon


by Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

Ready Steady Jump!

by Jeanne Willis & Adrian Reynolds

100 Cats

by Michael Whaite

The Yum Yum Tree

by Jonnie Wild & Brita Granstrom

Poo! Is That You?

by Clare Helen Welsh & Nicola O'Byrne

The Pigeon Needs A Bath!

by Mo Willems

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!

by Mo Willems

The Pigeon Has to Go to School!

by Mo Willems

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

by Mo Willems

Doggie The Buggy

by Sam Wallace & Shaun Yeo

Lucinda Belinda Melinda McCool

by Jeanne Willis

Wide-awake Hedgehog

by Rosie's Wellesley

A House Of Her Own

by Jenny Hugh's & Jonathan Bently

A Bus Called Heaven

by Bob Graham

Skinny Brown Dog

by Kimberly Willis Holt

My Best Friend

by Rob Hodgson

The Best Kind of Bear

by Greg Gormley & David Barrow

I Am A Book And I Like To Be Read

by Roger Hargreaves

Big Bob, Little Bob

by James Howe

The Cranky Caterpillar

by Richard Graham

Bring A Duck

by Lesley Gibbes & Sue de Gennaro

Tracy the Pacy Plaice & Orsa the Saucy Horse

by Craig Green & Dominic Vince & Sarah-Leigh Wills

Shorty the Warty Warthog & Dwight the Bright Kite

by Craig Green & Dominic Vince & Sarah-Leigh Wills

Flossy the Bossy Ostrich & The Precise Woodlice

by Craig Green & Dominic Vince & Sarah-Leigh Wills

A Dog Called Rod

by Timhop Good

Aunty Edna of Duck Creek Pond

by Nigel Gray

I Love You Already!

by Jory John & Benji Davies

Does a Sea Cow Say Moo?

by Terry Webb Harshman

Mini Whinny Bad Day at the O.K. Corral

by Stacy Gregg & Ruth Paul

Lucy & Tom

by Shirley Hughes

The Runaway Pea Washed Away

by Kjartan Poskitt & Alex Willmore

The Brilliant Deep Rebuilding the World's Coral Reefs

by Kate Messner & Matthew Forsythe

Down In The Forest

by Yvonne Morrison & Jenny Cooper

Dolphin Boy

by Michael Morpurgo

The Best Parts of Christmas

by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

A Kiwi Night Before Christmas

by Yvonne Morrison & Deborah Hinde

A Kiwi Day Before Christmas

by Yvonne Morrison & Deborah Hinde

The 12 Days of Holidays

by Yvonne Morrison & Jenny Cooper


by Charlotte Mars, Maya Newell & Gus Skattebol-James

Come With Me

by Holly M. McGhee

How the Library (nor the prince) Saved Rapunzel

by Wendy Meddour & Rebecca Ashdown

Ooey Gooey Gone

by Karen Mowbray

Kiri the Kereru

by Janet Martin

Louie the Tui Learns to Sing

by Janet Martin

Queen Alice's Palaces

by Juliette Maclver & Lucia Masciullo

Alma and How She Got Her Name

by Juan Martinez-Neal

Moo And Moo and Can You Guess Who?

by Jane Millton

Maddie's First Day

by Penny Matthews

The Building Boy

by Ross Montgomery & David Litchfield

Luna and Pebble

by Wendy Meddour & Daniel Egnèus

The Little Lamb's Great New Zealand Easter Egg Hunt

by Yvonne Mes

Ivy Bird

by Tania McCartney & Jess Racklyeft

I Am A Sensible Gibbon

by Will Mabbitt & Claudia Boldt

Dracula Spectacular

by Lucy Rawland & Ben Mantle

In the Dead of the Night

by Arthur McBain

The Secret of the Tattered Shoes

by Jackie Morris & Ehsan Abdollahi

Josie's Lost Tooth

by Jennifer K. Mann

Daddy Cuddle

by Kate Mayes & Sara Acton

Don't Butt In

by Heath McKenzie

Snowy Night

by Tilde Michels

Molly Morepork and the lost campers

by Janet Martin

Joe The Kakapo

by Janet Martin

Janet the Gannet and the boy who dreamed of flying

by Janet Martin

Zeki Loves Baby Club

by Anna McQuinn

Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleep

by David Melling

Father Bear Comes Home

by Else Holmelund Minarik

One Cheetah One Cherry

by Jackie Morris

Detective Dan

by Alison Maloney

There is a Monster On My Holiday Who Farts

by Tim Miller & Matt Stanton

The Wildest Book Week Ever!

by Heath McKenzie

A Hungry Lion

by Lucy Ruth Cummins

Robert and the World's Best Cake

by Anne-Kathrin Behl

Digby the Diggedy Dog

by Sally Bates & Sarah-Leigh Wills

The Wishing Star

by M Christina Butler & Frank Endersby

Christmas In Summer

by Suzy Cato

All At Sea

by Gerry Byrne

More Ketchup Please

by Adam Bestwick

Raj and the Best Holiday Ever

by Seb Braun

Emily Brown and the Thing

by Cressida Cowell & Neal Layton

The Nature Girls

by Aki

Three Little Owls

by Quentin Blake & Emanuele Luzzati John Yeoman

Sebastian lives in a Hat

by Thelma Catterwell & Kerry Argent

Sam and the Dog from the Sea

by Judy & Dick Frizzell

The Quayside Cat

by Toby Forward & Ruth Brown

A Giraffe in the Bath

by Mem Fox & Olivia Rawson

The Very Noisy Bear

by Nick Bland

The Five Of Us

by Quentin Blake

We Are All Kind

by P. Crumble & Jonathan Bentley

The Way Home For Wolf

by Rachel Bright & Jim Field

We Are All Equal

by P. Crumble & Jonathan Bentley

Have You Seen Elephant?

by David Barrow

A Bike Like Sergio's

by Maribeth Boelts

Putting the Monkey to Bed

by Gennifer Choldenko

Zelda's Big Adventure

by Marie Alafaci

The Stuff of Stars

by Marion Dane Bauer

The Very Brave Bear

by Nick Bland

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears

by Alastair Chisholm

What the Fluffy Bunny said to the Growly Bear

by P.Crumble & Chris Saunders

The Artist

by Alison Binks

The Things That I Love about Trees

by Chris Butterworth

The Extraordinary Gardener

by Sam Boughton

Lucia and Lawrence

by Joanna Francis

9 Things to Remember (and one to forget)

by Alison Binks

Too Many Sheep

by Christina Booth

The Gobbledygook And The Scribbledynoodle

by Justin Clarke & Arthur Baysting


by Chih-Yuan Chen

Hannah and Sugar

by Kate Berube

The Power Of Yet

by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Go Home Cheeky Animals!

by Johanna Bell & Dion Beasley

What's That Terrible Growl?

by A.H.Benjamin & Merel Eyckerman

Imagine A Night

by Sarah L. Thomson

Wisp a Story of Hope

by Zana Fraillon & Grahame Baker-Smith


by Noel Grammont & Peter Bailey

Treasure Beyond Measure

by Helen Griffiths

The Most Wonderful Thing in the World

by Vivian French


by Arthur Geisert

Blueberry Girl

by Neil Gaiman

A-Maze-Ing Minotaur

by Juliet Rix

Ramadan Moon

by Na'ima B Robert & Shirin Adi

The Shy Platypus

by Leslie Rees

Running with the Horses

by Alison Lester

Days With Frog and Toad

by Arnold Lobel

I am Tama, Lucky Cat

by Wendy Henrichs


by Raymond Huber & Brian Lovelock

The Heart and the Bottle

by Oliver Jeffers

The Song of Delphine

by Kenneth Kraegel

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses

by Jan Brett

Dog In Space

by Vix Southgate & Iris Deppe

The Colour Thief

by Andrew Fusck Peter's & Polly Peters

In The Past

by David Elliott

Duck, Death and the Tulip

by Wolf Erlbruch

Zoo Zen - a yoga story for kids

by Kristen Fischer

Snail Where Are You?

by Tomi Ungerer

Koalas Eat Gum Leaves

by Laura & Philip Bunting

Little Elliott Big City

by Mike Curato


by Cao Wenxuan

Grandma Wombat

by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

I Don't Like Snakes

by Nicola Davies

Shoes for Grandpa

by Mem Fox & Patricia Mullins

Millions of Cats

by Wanda Gaģ

A New School For Charlie

by Courtney Dicmas

Zippo The Super Hippo

by Kes Gray & Nikki Dyson

The Shark in the Dark

by Peter Bently & Ben Cort

Parakeet in Boots

by Chris Gurney

Goodnight Pablo

by Andrew Brenner & Sumita Majumdar

Lazy Daisy

by Caz Goodwin & Ashley King

The Bee's Sneeze

by Lucy Davey

It's Your World Now

by Barry Falls

Darly's Magical History Ride

by Peter Barron

Fair Shares

by Pippa Goodhart & Anna Doherty


by Emma Dodd

Little Kiwi Has A Forest Feast

by Bob Darroch

We Wish You A Kiwi Christmas

by Lynette Evan's & Myles Lawford

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

by Jim Dewar & Simon Williams

The Last of Maui's Dolphins

by Maria Gill & Bruce Potter

Grandpa Ngata and the Seagull

by Dave Gunson

No More Kissing

by Emma Chichester Clark

Monkey and the Little One

by Claire Alexander

The Snow Dragon

by Abi Elphinstone & Fiona Woodcock

Mummies are Lovely

by Meredith Costain & Polona Lovsin


by Calliope Glass

Spin a Scarf of Sunshine

by Dawn Casey & Stila Lim

How Màui Slowed The Sun

by Dr Darryn Joseph & Keri Opai

Cassandra Steps Out

by Isabelle Bottier & Hèlène Canac

Old Hat

by Emily Gravett

Princess on the Run

by Smiliana Coh

The Great Rabbit Chase

by Freya Blackwood

One Lone Swallow

by Corinne Fenton & Owen Swan

Little Mole's Wish

by Sang-Keun Kim

Little Bears Big House

by Benjamin Chaud

The Underhills A Tooty Fairy Story

by Bob Graham

Bear was There

by Sally Anne Garland

The Hug Blanket

by Chris Gurney

Home in the Rain

by Bob Graham

Books Make Good Pets

by John Agard

The Incredible Hotel

by Isabelle Follath

Floss the Playground Boss

by Corrinne Averiss & Sam Usher

Bunny In The Middle

by Anika A. Denise

All You Need Is Love

by Emma Chichester Clark

You Can Never Run Out of Love

by Helen Docherty & Ali Pye

Mr Wolf Tries Again

by Sarah Prince


by Sarah O'Neil

The Giant Gingerbread Man

by Jenny Feely

Thomas Had A Temper

by Nicki Saltis

The Three Little Pigs

by Sarah Prince

The Valley Of The Giant Spider

by Jill Mitchell

The Money Frogs

by Jill Mitchell

The Water Lily Race

by Jill Mitchell

The Sky High Adventure

by Jill Mitchell

Strawberries for Katinka

by Jan MacPherson

The Secret in the Box

by Hilary Smillie

Tricked You!

by John Carr

Grumpy Jock's Birthday

by John Carr

Snoopy the Snail

by Clare Scott

Mac the Dragon Dog

by Jill Mitchell

The Mud Slide

by Jill Mitchell

So The Flying Frog

by Jill Mitchell

The Mountains Of The Moon

by Jill Mitchell


by Hannah Reed

Seeds on the Move

by Lee Wang

Our Market

by Anna Porter

Painting the Loft

by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta

The Crab Dragon

by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta

The Lost Chimp

by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta


by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta

No Tricks, Gran!

by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta

Green Planet Kids

by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta

The Children of Lir

by Maire Buonocore & Isabelle Arsenault

East of the Sun West of the Moon

by Chris Powling & Violeta Dabija

Beauty and the Beast

by Michaela Morgan & Graham Philpot


by Michaela Morgan & Steve Dorado


by Jenny Feely

Amazing Plants

by James Talia

Classroom Animals

by Tessa Schembri

Saving Up

by John Danelutti

Using Colour

by Hannah Reed

Wide Big World

by Maxine Beneba Clarke

Odd Dog Out

by Rob Biddulph

Trees Make Perfect Pets

by Paup Czajak

You Don't Want A Dragon

by Ame Dyckman

Once Tashi Met A Dragon

by Anna Fienberg & Barbara Fienberg

Once Upon A Unicorn Horn

by Beatrice Blue

Goldilocks in Space

by Peter Bently & Chris Jevons

Millie's Missing Yawn

by You Jung Byun

The Joy in You

by Cat Deeley

A Dog with Nice Ears

by Lauren Child

The Water Cycle

by Carol Krueger


by John Lockyer


by Dawn McMillan

Saving Tigers

by John Lockyer

Race To The Moon

by John Lockyer

Oodles Of Noodles

by John Lockyer

Making A Movie

by John Lockyer

Dogs At Work

by Pam Holden

If I Had a Sleepy Sloth

by Gabby Dawnay & Alex Barrow

Once Upon a Raindrop The Story of Water

by James Carter


by Graeme Base

Plenty Of Love To Go Around!

by Emma Chichester Clark

Bear and the Wobbly Tooth

by Rowena Blyth

There's No Such Thing As A Snappenpoop

by Jeanne Willis & Matt Saunders

The Pocket Dogs and the Lost Kitten

by Margaret Wild & Stephen Michael King

The Bear Who Went BOO!

by David Walliams

There's a SUPERHERO In Your Book

by Tom Fletcher

Smart George

by Jules Feiffer

I Do It Myself!

by Luisa Adam & Guiliano Ferri

You Are Ready! The World Is Waiting

by Eric Carle

What Really Happened to Humpty?

by Jeanie Franz Ransom

The Dog and the Mog Love Christmas

by Kaye Arnott

Tina's Great Escape

by Maria Artho

Spooky House

by Joy Cowley

Joe's Run

by Joy Cowley

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

by Joy Cowley

Bono's Hat

by Joy Cowley


by Joy Cowley

Baby Food

by Joy Cowley

The Dog and the Mog Go Camping

by Kaye Arnott

Picking Pickle, Which Dog Will You Choose

by Polly Faber & Clara Vulliamy

Choose Llamas

by Charlie Green & Matt Hunt

When I'm Bigger, Mama Bear

by Rachel Bright

Sheep Dog And Sheep Sheep Baaad Hair Day

by Eric Barclay

The Prince and the Porker

by Peter Bently & David Roberts

The Tale of the Castle Mice

by Michael Bond

The Bird in the Herd

by Kathryn Apel & Renèe Treml

The Tale of the Valiant Ninja Frog

by Alastair Chisholm

The King with Dirty Feet

by Sally Pomme Clayton & Rhiannon Sanderson


by Katie Cotton & Tor Freeman

Princess on the Run

by Smiliana Coh

Mini Rabbit Must Help

by John Bond

The Big Freeze

by Pippa Curnick


by Barroux Egmont

Three Little Moneys

by Quentin Blake & Emma Chichester Clark

Once Upon a Penguin

by Magda Brol

The Mist Monster

by Kirsti Beautyman

Cat and Dog Go Bananas

by Jonathan Bentley

I Feel Bullied

by Jen Green

Talking About Bullying

by Kate Phelps, Joyce Bentley, Sarah Nunn

Your Call - Bullying

by Deborah Chancellor

Who's My Mummy?

by Heather Henning

Elle Elephant

by Richard Powell

Happy & Hoppy

by Yi-Hsuan Wu

Aunt Nina's Visit

by Franz Brandenberg

Spot Goes to the Farm

by Eric Hill

The Giving Day

by Cori Doerrfeld

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

by William Steig

A Very Greedy Tale

by Jennifer Somervell

Bling The Cat's Costume Caper

by Karen McMillan

How The Library Saved Rapunzel

by Wendy Meddour & Rebecca Ashdown

There's A Bear In The Window

by June Pitman-Hayes & Minky Stapleton

All I want for Christmas

by Rachel Bright

The Queens Present

by Steve Antony

The Stingray Sandwich

by June Allen

Owl or Pussycat

by Michael Morpurgo

Animal Explorers Lola the Planet Hunter

by Sharon Rentta

The Grumpy Fairies

by Bethan Stevens

The Golden Treasure Two Friends On The Adventure of a Lifetime

by Marie Voigt

Courageous Lucy

by Paul Russell & Cara King

I Love My Teacher

by Giles Andreae& Emma Dodd

Bedtime for Albie

by Sophie Ambrose

The Magic Faraway Tree

by Enid Blyton

There's a House Inside my Mummy

by Giles Andreae & Vanessa Cabban

I'll Love You

by Kathryn Cristaldi & Kristyna Litten

The Great Big Book of Feelings

by Mary Hoffman & Ros Asquith

Little Owl's Bedtime

by Debi Gliori

The Witch in the Cherry Tree

by Margaret Mahy

Pip and Posy The Big Balloons

by Axelrod Scheffler

What Colour Is Night

by Grant Snider

Grace's Mystery Seed

by Juliet M Sampson & Karen Erasmus

One Runaway Rabbit

by David Metzenthen

Errol's Garden

by Gillian Hibbs

How to Hide a Lion at School

by Helen Stephens

Bear Moves

by Ben Bailey Smith & Sav Akyuz

The Fairytale Hairdresser and Thumbelina

by Abbie Longstaff & Lauren Beard

The Kiss

by Linda Sunderland & Jessica Courtney-Tickle

Mini Whinny Goody Four Shoes

by Stacy Gregg & Ruth Paul

Sir Singlet

by Dawn McMillan

Ways To Welcome

by Linda Ashman

The Greatest Show Penguin

by Lucy Freegard

Lucky Ducky

by Doreen Mulryan

Guess How Much I Love You In the Spring

by Sam Bratney

Belle and Boo Goodnight Kiss

by Mandy Sutcliffe

Mama Lion Wins the Race

by Jon J Muth

Happy In Our Skin

by Fran Manushkin

Little Robin Red Vest

by Jan Fearnley

Mango Abuela and Me

by Megan Medina

Next Door's Dog Goes to School

by Gina Dawson

Elliot's Arctic Surprise

by Catherine's Barr & Francesca Chessa

One More Hug

by Megan Alexander

Lilli Pilli's Sister

by Anna Branford


by Jeannie Baker

The Story of Rosy Dock

by Jeannie Baker

Where the Forest Meets the Sea

by Jeannie Baker

Sam Goes Wild

by Jennifer Beck


by Stephanie Blake

My Grandpa is Amazing

by Nick Butterworth

Llamacorn Saves The Day

by Kate Coombs

The Llamacorn Is Kind

by Kate Coombs

A Mighty Bitey Creature

by Ronda Armitage

Ten Minutes to Bed Little Unicorn

by Rhiannon Fielding & Chris Chatterton

The Man From The Land of Fandango

by Margaret Mahy & Polly Dunbar

Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans

by Jessie Miller & Barbara Bakos

Poo In The Zoo The Great Poo Mystery

by Steve Smallman & Ada Grey

I Am A Fish

by Isabel Otter & Fernando Martin

Alice's Magic Garden

by Henry Herz

I Spy Mum

by Janeen Brian

Buxton Learns to Share

by Rowena Blyth

Dragons Under My Bed

by Kath Bee

Naughty Narwhal

by Emma Adams & Katy Halford

The Black Cat

by Ahlberg & Amstutz

We Eat Bananas

by Katie Abey

Good Day, Goog Night

by Margaret Wise Brown

Shoelaces Are Impossible

by Ed Allen & Nathaniel Eckstrom

A Recipe for Playtime

by Peter Bently & Sarah Massini

Goodnight Pablo

by Andrew Brenner & Sumita Majumdar

Moonlight Mums

by Laura Stitzel

Llama Glamarama

by Simon James Green & Garry Parsons

Llama Llama Mothers Day Present

by Anna Dewdney

You Made Me A Mother

by Laurenne Sala

Old Russian Jack

by Tamia Atkinson & Viv Walker

The Perfect Project a book about Autism

by Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway

Strange Mr. Satie Composer of the Absurd

by M. T. Anderson

The Pencil

by Allam Ahlberg & Bruce Ingman

The White Cat and the Monk

by Jo Ellen Bogart

Noodle Head

by Giles Andreae

Birdy & Bou

by David Bedford & Mandy Stanley

Spirit's Big All Black Dream

by Jared Bell & Jimmy Diaz


by Steve Antony

Who Sank The Boat

by Pamela Allen

Don't Leap Larry

by John Briggs

Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop

by Emma Adams

A Bag and a Bird

by Pamela Allen

Christopher Bear's Day at the Beach

by Luisa Adam & Claudia Tenorio-Pearl

Kelly's Cookies

by Sally Bates & Sarah-Leigh Wills

My New Home

by Marta Altès

The Best Bit Of Daddy's Day

by Claire Alexander

Mr Creep The Crook

by Ahlberg & Amstutz

Moonlight Ocean

by Elizabeth Golding

Moa's Ark

by Peter Millett

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Nikhil And Shinal

Keep up the amazing work Krisha. You are a star. Such a great way to help others. Happy reading. So proud of you little princess. You doing so great.



All the best my niece.


The Warehouse Team Rotorua

Great job Krisha! You are a star! Wishing you all the best for the amazing job you are doing helping others at such a young age. We hope our contribution helps you achieve your goal. Goodluck and enjoy your reading.


Kaushal, Bindi, Jessica, Joti, Kabeeta, Saveen, Mona, Shinal, Nikhil, Aarav, Aarya, Dev, Radhisha, Vishitha, Taanvi

What a fantastic effort you have have put in Krisha! We are so proud of you and we wish you all the very best😃


Deepal Patel

Great work Krisha😍 I'm so proud of you. Enjoy your reading and keep up the awesome work raising money to help other👍 You are a superstar🌟 Goodluck!!


Matched Donation

From a very special and generous Blind Low Vision NZ supporter


Yashika Nand

Hi Krisha, You are amazing and doing a wonderful job! Keep it up!


Clare Bayley

You are awesome Krisha! What an awesome to contribute to such a good cause!


Western Heights Pharmacy

Well done Krisha, we hope this donation funds a lovely book for you to read with your friends. Take care. Cam


Pawan Kumar


Manogyatha Vishraadhni Raj

You’ve worked hard to get this far. Best wishes as you make this final push!”


Matched Donation

From a very special and generous Blind Low Vision NZ supporter


Kanchana Kiran Singh

Good job Krisha. Read on for more good causes hun 😘 😘 😘


Yogendra Goundar

You are doing an amazing work beta. Proud of you and good luck!


Syma Simi

Have sent money


Roneel Naidu

Keep up your good work Krisha.


Kaushik Chand


Shivani, Kirti, Ronald, Dilan, Mrs Raju

Excellent work Krisha! We are very proud of you and you are doing an awesome job to help others. Keep up the great reading and all the very best🙂 God bless you always💖


Kanta Sami

Well done betti, keep going


Helen, Zoe, Mark, Nelly, Nathan

Excellent work Krisha! Very proud of your awesome hardwork. We are very happy to support this beautiful cause and sponsor you🙌 Goodluck with your reading📚


Alison,ashley Parker, Mae Campbell, Barbara White, Furnie, Melenie Box, Dolly Riddler

All the best Krisha! You got this!


Matched Donation

From a very special and generous Blind Low Vision NZ supporter


Maalti Reddy

Hi Krisha All the best . Well done!


Mithal Karan

Hi my darling thank you for your amazing work love from mama my beauty 😊


Minal Naidu

You are doing an amazing work Krisha. Keep it up💖



Keep up the good work, Summer dear!


Jayash Sewak

I'm glad you are taking a step towards this, cute one. Wish you all the best for future, lots of blessings!


Brent Griffin

Great effort. We are so proud of you.


Shweta Singh

Good luck in this and all future endeavors.


Matched Donation

From a very special and generous Blind Low Vision NZ supporter




Stella Jones

Awesome work Krisha!! All the best😍


Patric Pious

Keep up the amazing work Krisha. You are a star. Such a great way to help others. Happy reading.


June & Margot Fitzgerald

Summer you big book worm! Keep reading and raising funds for a great cause, you are such a star!


Kavita Kumar

All the best krisha


Madhu Chetty

Well done Krisha. Proud of you beautiful.😍


Caitlyn Mcguire

Great work Krisha. Keep it up x


Aj, Jasper, Ava

All the best Summer! You are doing an amazing work. We are very proud of you😍


Vinay Shankar

Great job Krisha


Sheetal Nair

You are doing an amazing job.Keep up the good work and i am sure you will definitely make a difference in so many peoples lives God bless you


Carol Smyth

Such a great way to help others Krisha! You are awesome! Keep up the great work that you doing😍 Happy reading📚



Keep up the good work Krisha☺️☺️


Claire Newton

Good luck Krishna, you're doing great! It was nice to see you and your mum yesterday too :)


Preeti Pillay

Doing a great job Krisha..All the best ❤


Annabelle Roberts

Well done Krisha. I'm very proud of your wonderful reading. Keep it up.


Eshni Chetty

Super awesome!!! Keep up the good work.


Rohini Lata

Excellent work Krisha! You are a superstar for doing such an amazing work helping others. God bless you💖


Renna Recy Del Socorro

Keep up the good work 🙂


Sheetal Nand

All the best my darling


Ahiliya Narayan

All the best beta



Very proud of you little angel 😘😘



Well done little sweetie. So proud of you.


Shweta Reddy

All the best Krisha Doing a great work :)


Nazmeena Hussain

Great work krisha.keep it up


Sophie & Aroha

All the best for your fundraising and bookathon Krisha! Was so nice to meet such a sweet little girl like you with big dreams of helping people and bringing happiness to their lives. Superb effort and you are already a star for doing this amazing work😘 Our best wishes for you. And your mum is absolutely awesome the way she is supporting you. Great mum-daughter team❤



All the best Krisha. Goodluck with your fundraising and enjoy your reading. I'm sure you will definitely reach your target of reading 500 books!! Thanks for stopping by and it was lovely meeting you and your mum and see the amazing work you both are doing putting so much effort to help people. Fantastic work and you both make the best mother-daughter team👍


Harshani Thalagala

Well done Krisha.



Well done beautiful girl



You got this Krisha! Enjoy reading all those fun books and keep up the brilliant work!


Stella Jones

So proud of your efforts Summer! Keep reading and raising funds to help. All the best.


Elise Francis

Hi Krisha! You are an amazing reader! I love reading too😍 Reading takes you on so many fun cool adventures! Do visit me again and share some of the best stories you read during bookathon. I'm very proud to see such a little girl like you at only 6 years of age, being so dedicated and enthusiastic to make a difference in someone's life. Well done you! Love from Elise😘


Yogeshni Devi

All the best to you Krisha. Enjoy your reading and keep up the awesome work!


Florence Phillips

Well done Krisha. Doing such amazing work at such an early age. Keep itup :)


June Mostero

Way to go Krisha!! You are such a thoughtful little girl to do this amazing work and help others👏 Happy Reading and all the best😘


Irene Lata


Manor Nandan

You are doing an awesome job with your reading Krisha😘 And you are super star for your kind act that you have chosen to help others. God bless you Krisha and I hope your fundraising is a big success. Wish you all the best and enjoy your reading😍



You are awesome, Krisha! Good luck 😊


Adneel Kumar


Gaurav Raj

All the best krisha!!!! I know youll shine through this ❤ love you ❤


Rangeeta Prasad

You are doing an amazing job at such a little age. Keep striving hard😊


Priti Pillay

Awesome work Krisha!! All da best.


Amanda & Tracey

Superb work Krisha! What a great cause to support💓 Goodluck with your reading. You are definitely a super star🌟


Keegan Kirk

Keep being a superstar Krisha ❤️


Kris Narayan

All the best with the effort. God luck



Well done Summer, keep up the amazing work!


Khytana Smith

All the best Krisha!! Keep up the fantastic work!


Sami Family

Well done Krisha. You are ama6just like your MUMMY.


Saveen Raj

All the best princess Krisha from aunty n uncle Vinesh n Saveen



I am so proud of you baby 😘 well done!!!!



Well done Krisha!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Christine Sharan



All the best


Priya Wild

Very happy to support you Krishna. Keep up your work. Love From Aunty Priya



Well done Krisha 😘


Johnsons Chariya


Roshni Prakash

keep up with good work krisha


Gaurav Raj



Good job Summer! Keep it up🥰


Grace And Daniel

We are super proud of you Krisha. You are doing an awesome job at such a little age to help others! You are absolutely amazing. Happy reading Krisha😍



Keep reading and reach for the sky krisha


Kathy Clifford

Awesome job Krisha. Keep reading and helping people in need. You are star. All the best for your fundraising and hope you reach your goal.





How wonderful to see such a little sweet girl like you doing such a big job to help people🙏 I am very proud of you Krisha😊 Keep up the awesome work!





Was lovely chatting with you little young lady Krisha. Amazing to see you engaged in this bookathon and the understanding you have to explain what you are fundraising for to helping people. All the best and you totally deserve to reach your goal.


Cindy And Elias

Goodluck with the fundraiser. I'm sure you, will do well.



Keep up with your great work Krisha.


Thien And Chiaki

All the best Krisha😍 Enjoy your reading and keep up the awesome job of helping others🙂


Shereen Agastya

Great work Krisha. All the best 🙂


Zianne Henry

Superb work Summer! You are doing such a beautiful deed to help others. Wish you all the best and enjoy your reading📚😘



Fantastic effort Krisha & Minal😃 Best of luck to the very dedicated mother-daughter team! Very proud of what you both are doing🙏



All the best Krisha👍


Kylie Stampa

Wishing you all the best for the fundraising Krisha. You are doing an amazing work.


Maymay Pascual

Happy reading Krisha😍 I hope you reach your goal. Its so lovely to see you working so hard for this cause. Keep it up!


Sammi Chu-youde

Great effort Krisha. You are doing a great work😃 Best of luck!


Kenneth Jane Catena

All the very best to you with your bookathon and fundraising Krisha😍 Keep up the great work!


Wonderworld Pet Centre Rotorua

Goodluck with the fundraising Krisha👍Keep reading all those books!!


John Halford

I'm so happy to support you with a little donation Krisha. You are doing such a awesome job to help people. And wow! Look at all those books you have read so far! I'm sure you will reach your goal of reading 500 books in no time! All the best👋



All the best Krisha😘


Berry Ienhins

Hi Krisha! You are the biggest little bookworm I have come across by far!!! What a fantastic way to combine your favorite hobby-reading and raising money for this beautiful cause😃 Congratulations for your endless efforts so far and I wish you all the best in your future❤


Jacqi Lawler

Go Krisha! Go team Rainbow! I'd love to contribute a little towards this awesome project and support you Krisha. Goodluck!!



Keep up the great work Krisha😘😘


Rita Hokai



Well done, Summer!


Judy Judy

Great work Krisha! I love to see that you love reading so much. Happy reading sweet girl and keep up the awesome work!


Sreerenjini The Few Dollar Shop Brookland Rd

Great job Krisha👏 Keep shining like a star and happy reading🙂


Jill Moore

Well done Summer! Enjoy your reading while you help other people.


Rob Freton

I'd really love to support you Krisha. Such a beautiful and important cause to be fund raising for. I hope my little contribution will help you get closer to reaching your goal. Wish you all the best Krisha😊



Great work Krisha! You are doing an excellent job fundraising for the Blind Low Vision NZ. Enjoy your reading📚 and all the very best to you👍