Laga Talagi

Great Kiwi Bookathon

I'm fundraising for...

The Great Kiwi Bookathon is a first for Blind Low Vision NZ.

Throughout the month of June I will be joining 3000+ Kiwi schoolkids and reading as many books as I possibly can.

I’ll be raising money for those who are blind, deafblind or have low vision so please support me in this.

I've read 18 books

Ninja Kid 5 Ninja Clones

by Anh Do

The Flea Market

by Maria Samuela

Let's Go

by Janice Marriott


by Sarah Delahunty

Bringing Stories to Life

by Caren Wilton

The Cindy Limpics

by Michael Wilson

Are you my Mother

by P.D Eastman

Sea Otters

by Laura Marsh

Ninja Kid 4 Amazing Ninja

by Anh Do

Happy Holi

by Hilary Watson

Ninja Kid 3 Ninja Switch

by Anh Do

Press Start - super rabbit all-stars

by Thomas Flintham

Ninja Kid 2 Flying Ninja

by Anh Do

Ninja Kid From Nerd to Ninja

by Anh Do

Mini Messages

by Phillipa Werry

As Fast as the Wind

by Jan Trafford

Rockets & Spaceships

by Deborah Lock

When I grow up, I'm going to play for the All Blacks

by Gemma Cary

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Go Laga!!!!


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Way to go Laga. Well done


Melissa Wheeler

Enjoy reading all the books Laga. So proud of you taking part in such a great exercise. Let us know what your favorite book is at the end.