Fundraising Tips

Fundraising, what is that all about?

Now that you have joined the Great Kiwi Bookathon and are about to start reading your favourite books, have you thought about getting some other people excited about what you are doing?

Fundraising is all about sharing your excitement of reading, and getting others on board to spur you on to read more, so you can do good and help other kids who are blind, deafblind or have low vision.

What do you reckon it will feel like knowing others are backing you and you’re backing this great cause? Give it a go, and we look forward to hearing about your ideas.

And when you do, you can earn cool badges and fundraising rewards!

Maybe your parents will want to help get you started by setting up a page for you on this website and they could kick off your fundraising with the first donation. They can help inspire family and friends to get behind your efforts, and share it on social media to get others on board. One key tip is always to thank the people who donate to your page.

Here are some easy fundraising ideas

Asking the people you love

Ask your parents and grandparents to donate to your page. This is the best way to get started! They will love to hear about all the books you are reading and what you are looking to achieve.

Share on social media

Ask everyone who donates on your Funraisin page to share it on their social media. It might be Twitter or Facebook. Why don’t you get your parents to share something you found interesting from the book you are reading and you'll see it will increase your donations overall!

Help around home – running an errand for your family

Getting paid for chores is a great way to add to your fundraising. Could you unload the dishwasher for a week, or take the rubbish out, or clean out the car (best if it’s not something you are doing regularly already) and ask for a $5 donation to your Funraisin page.

Can I ask again?

Sometimes people forget, so it is OK to ask again. When you do, tell them a new bit of information you have not shared before. Like a fact from a book you read, an author you really love, or maybe that your friend has joined the Great Kiwi Bookathon as well.

Bake sale or lemonade stall

Get in the kitchen and get baking or making lemonade. You may have a lemon tree or know someone who has heaps of lemons they could give you to make some lemonade. Or bake your favourite slice, cookie or cake to sell.

Get creative

Make some Matariki decorations and sell those. This is a great way to get into the spirit of Matariki on June 24th.

Car wash

Offer a car wash for family and friends and ask for a donation of $10.

Recycling for charity

Hold a garage sale, or ask for your parents to help to sell some toys you have grown out of to other kids who will love them. They could list them on Facebook Marketplace, post on a local community Facebook group or put them up on Trademe.

Weekend breakfast

How about organising a breakfast for your family friends. You do the preparation and they come along, enjoy the company and donate to your Funraisin page.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have fun while fundraising.

Remember you are helping other kids and their families who are blind, deafblind or have low vision.